Trusted Online Presence

A Guide For NGOs
Your organization’s online presence is essential for nonprofit sustainability and effectiveness. Learn the basics of creating a memorable Internet presence, and take advantage of online resources to expand your reach, visibility and audience engagement.

Get access to the Internet

Learn how to initially get online with the help of internet service providers, and how to register your domain name.


Create an online identity

Consider how you will use visual and contextual tools to communicate your organization's brand, mission and authenticity to donors.


Define the impact you’d like to make

Outline your organization's goals, and develop a web presence and web content that spreads your message, brings support to your actions, and influences the world in a positive way.


Stay safe online

Evaluate the sensitivity of your organization's data and take the necessary precautions to protect it. How to protect those who use your site.


Learn about ethical conduct online

Understand the ethical considerations of Internet presence.


Learn about rules & governance

Understand how the Internet is managed and governed and the variety of regulations that may apply on the Internet.


Fundraise online

Learn how to use online tools to raise awareness and funds for your cause.

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