When it comes to data security, knowing where your organisation’s data and donor information can end up is of utmost importance. To shine a light on this, Brian Cute, CEO of Public Interest Registry, has outlined some of the issues a nonprofit should consider, and some of the questions they need to ask their technology providers, such as:

  • What type of security practices do they have in place?
  • Do they test their security measures often and have employee background checks?
  • How secure is their network or brick-and-mortar facility where data storage infrastructure is located?
  • Are audit trails conducted on databases or files? Are you able to make a request for them?
  • Are they insured, licensed and bonded should there be an issue?
  • What partners do they work with and if data is shared, ask what kind, when, how – and how you’ll be alerted.

To learn more about this topic and what you need to take account of, read his post: NGOs and Data Security: Do You Know Where Your Data Is?