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  5. Communicating with your visitors

Making a plan in advance for how you will connect with visitors to your site, your social media followers and email inquiries as well as allocating adequate resources to this is an important step toward connecting with people online.

Consider the following from a user perspective:

  • Expectations: If someone tweets about your organization, do you plan to respond? If you don’t respond, will followers assume that your are not fully engaged or interested in their support? If you do respond, do you know the common codes of online etiquette (netiquette)? It is important to consider what is expected from followers of different platforms.
  • Consistency: Decide whether you want  to tie your offline and online identities together.
  • Growth: Think about the lifecycle of your online presence. As your organization grows and changes so must your online presence. Can your visitors count on your organization to communicate the progress you are making?
  • Transparency: Internet users expect transparency about mission, cause, impact, management of funds and reporting to the public. Is your organization’s accountability well supported through responsible transparency?