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The use of social media has become a popular way for organizations to share news with the world and engage with readers. With a broad range of platforms available, it is important to make thoughtful decisions about which options work best for you and your needs.

Considerations when picking a name in several popular social media platforms

Twitter: Possible Twitter handles can include the name of the organization, your mission, or playful attention grabbing name. Use your imagination to find the right thing to call your organization. Picking the right name not only is a brand choice, but it helps to protect your identity. Furthermore, hashtags have become very popular on Twitter. Hashtags can be use to link different part of a campaign even when using different Twitter handles or different applications. Hashtag campaigns have become very influential and are one of the ingredients in creating viral entries. In picking a hashtag, is is important to maintain authenticity. Hashtags are non-exclusive, which means that anyone can use them and they cannot be reserved to a single user. Thus it is important to make sure that the hashtag you want is not already in use unless it has gained a reputation that your organization would like to leverage and build on.

FacebookFacebook allows for an organization to build entire profile online, making them accessible to anyone with a Facebook account. There is no cost for setting up a Facebook page. In Facebook, it is enough for someone to say they like your page for them to then be put among your contacts and made available to receive your latest news. Setting up a good Facebook page projects your identity.

Instagram: Instagram is paired up with Facebook and can be used with your Facebook login. The difference is that its focus is on pictures and videos. Instagram has been used to define a brand by communicating though the use of images. Hashtags, as discussed, can be very useful, especially in creating fundraising campaigns with Instagram.

Other social media platforms include, but are not limited to:

  • Google+  – A social network owned and run by Google
  • Linkedin – An employment and recruitment oriented social networking service
  • Renren – A Chinese social networking service
  • Snapchat – A messaging service that focuses on pictures
  • VK (VKontakte) – A Russian social media and networking service
  • Weibo – A group of Chinese Twitter-like microblog platforms
  • WeChat – A Chinese messaging and payment service
  • WhatsApp – An instant messaging app for both messages and videos
  • Youku – A Chinese video and streaming service
  • YouTube – A video sharing platform

Similar consideration to naming would be relevant to these as well as other social media sites.