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There are a number of important questions to ask yourself and your teammates when determining what is most important for you to convey to your users and followers.

What should you keep in mind when creating an identity online?

  • Who are you? The name of your organization or association and your mission are the heart of your identity.
  • What are the tools? They include your domain name and website, your social media presence (for example, Twitter handle, Facebook page, Instagram account), your online engagement with other organizations, etc.
  • Domain names: There are differences between the names based on your organization name or your mission. Consider the difference between nameofngo.org and cleanwater.ngo: one states your name and the other states your mission. Your website’s domain extension (for example .org and .ngo and .ong) can also tell visitors a lot about the nature of your organization.
  • Using a validated online identity to increase user trust and build a stronger civil society.
  • Coordination of the names you pick on various platforms: Decide on whether you want to use the same name in all environments or want to use different names for different activities or programs.
  • Consider picking and signing up for names for all known platforms, even if you are not ready to use that platform, in order to make sure the names you want to use as part of a coordinated campaign are available when you need them. Should you want a different name later, you can always obtain one. Should you want the name you have made known in one area to boost identity in another, it is good to know you already have that name.