5 Nonprofit Technology Trends to Watch in 2017

23 Dec 2016

Declining Engagement and Reach on Social Media A Revival in Email Fundraising The Rise of Digital Payments on Social Media Increased Adoption of New and Improved Mobile Fundraising Apps The Nonprofit Sector Embraces the…

Emerging Trends in Digital Communications and Fundraising

30 Nov 2016

Free Webinar on December 6! 10 Emerging Trends in Digital Communications and Fundraising: http://buff.ly/2eOhvSz 

Participate in the 2nd Annual #ImpactOfADonation Contest

‘Tis the Season to Make a Difference! Participate in the 2nd Annual #ImpactOfADonation Contest: http://buff.ly/2gqVQyH  0 replies4 retweets4 likes Reply Retweet 4 Like 4 More

How is your digital security?

27 Nov 2016

 From Feminist Safety Toolkit by Take Back the Tech! “We’ve looked at some of the ways tech-related violence occurs, how it violates your rights and what strategies you can use to protect yourself. Here we recommend tried…

How To Survive A DNS DDoS Attack

28 Oct 2016

An article explaining the how to protect your site against the sort of DDoS attack that occurred to Dyn. By Dan York,  Senior Content Strategist, Internet Society

OnGood launches new website, global directory of NGOs using the .ngo and .ong domains: ongood.ngo

7 Oct 2016

Work at a nonprofit or NGO? Then please take the 2016 Global NGO Online Technology Survey: techreport.ngo Survey closes 10/31!

30 Sep 2016

How can NGOs harness the power of the web to increase legitimacy and transparency given the shrinking space for Civil Society and Freedom of Expression? Register

Online fundraising

“The technology to donate online was launched in the late 1990’s and through a process of trial and error NGOs have slowly been able to build donor’s confidence in the technology and grow their…


8 Sep 2016

In almost decision that an NGO makes in establishing an internet presence, there will be a tussle among several of the considerations. Finding the balance that works for your NGO may require fine tuning…